Autumn Snaps

It’s that time of the year of warm colours and cold air.  What’s needed are brisk country walks and slow pub lunches plus the odd roaring fire.  Just back from Sussex around Firle and Barlcombe – beautiful churches and end of the season gardens,  The weather on my wife’s birthday is always sunny and we were not let down. Weekends away inspire different pallets and textures and helps me both as interior inspiration and in my role as design director at Tibor fabrics


Breakfast at Ottolenghi

One of my very few vices is that I like to stop off for a cappuccino on my way into the office in the morning – actually my addiction is far gone enough to need this most mornings weekday or not. There are a few key venues  in London where my morning coffee is mild enough, warm rather than hot, and served in a cup rather than a mug (I do make an exception at venues in Hyde Park as the view is so good plus the extra exercise.

As an accompaniment I never take more than a croissant at Ottolenghi. – ok served with their extraordinary jam and well, maybe a very occasional muffin – but never the items shown below which go against my imposed dietary rules yet just the sight of them cheers my day


Thumbnail    IMG_5354    cakes

Noel Gallagher at The Crown

I thought I would have to re-post this as Mr Gallagher seems to have enjoyed dinner at The Crown before his headline performanceat The Latitude Festival.  No incidents were reported!


San Francisco

Really pleased to have just received new photographs of the house that I designed last year in San Francisco.  There’s always a difference between the way that you photograph a project yourself and the surprise of another person’s eye.  Plus the added bonus that they are generally in focus which adds a great deal I would say.  In any case it is great to be reminded of working on this project together with architects Arcanum with whom we got on very well and it is always a tribute when the final product is a synthesis of different views – so in this case everybody was happy including my fabulous clients. I shall bore you at some point with a recap of my photographs of the road trip down to LA stopping off at Carmel and driving though big Sur – an experience! Photos by Bernard André the full set of which I shall upload to the site.


I have just rediscovered Arper on Camron PR’s fantastic website.  Arper are producing the latest, brightest furniture designs with Italian brio and I cannot wait to inflict them on some unsuspecting client.

In there own words:-  “Founded in Italy in 1989 by Luigi Feltrin, Arper has grown into a design focused furniture manufacturer that uses new materials and technologies. Working with leading international designers such as Jean-Marie Massaud, Simon Pengelly and James Irvineto, Arper have created a range of chairs, tables, sofas, stools and armchairs, that reflect the different cultural backgrounds of each designer while remaining true to the distinctive Arper style”



ThumbnailScreen Shot 2015-08-06 at 14.38.35
Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 14.43.50Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 14.36.37


Last Sunday at the V&A

Went again on the last day to see Savage Beauty.  At every level it was one of the most excitingly staged exhibitions.  The discipline of McQueens work is a marvel, perfect cutting and tremendous sense of theater set with historical knowledge.  Having the V&A membership card allowed us to flow to the front of the queue and have free entrance, so it is a card really worthwhile having! Photos were not allowed but the temptation to do so won the day!


Summer House, Palma di Mallorca

I stumbled across this gem of a “pop-up” after stumbling out of Rialto Living – the really smart life-style furniture shop in Palma.  Summer House is a four month enterprise selling a bit of everything (clothes, accessories, furniture lighting – and the rest) and all in all is really great mix of retro, craft and fashion.  Everything is so well chosen and expensive but not totally prohibitive.  Actually maybe it is.  Yet another marker at how incredibly on the ball Palma has become.  As an escape from the 38 degrees outside broil it came as a complete oasis. I did fall in love with the 60s wall light but at €750 it was going it for an afternoon ramble – but I might go back………….

IMG_5123 IMG_5125 IMG_5128 IMG_5129 IMG_5131 IMG_5130

The Little Boltons

Really happy with a wonderful set of photographs by Adrian Woolfson, now a well-known photographer, but who started off his working career in my office on the Kings Road these years ago.  Do catch his site and see the wide number of films and projects he has been working on. We are all really pleased with the results of the session and please check them up on our site!



Top 100 Designers

Bentheim has been selected for the third time in a row for House and Garden’s top 100 uk interior designers. We are really happy to be included and would like to thank all at House and Garden for this!