Tibor Reich

One of my greatest influences has been my Hungarian Uncle, Tibor Reich (1916-1996). He was a celebrated textile designer who pushed modernity onto a grey post-war Britain with sizzling accents of shocking pink and kingfisher blue. His use of colour, texture and constant creativity helped to push me on and to use my eyes for all that is around.

It has thus been an enormous pleasure over the last few years to help my cousin Sam Reich bringing the brand back to life – and back to life it is.  The thrill of incorporating fabrics that I grew up with into interior projects is immense and they add a definite difference.  Even his plainest woven cloths add a certain something to the visual mix.

Helped by ceramicist Maryse Boxer we haven taken fragments of designs and translated them into extraordinary wallpapers using diverse influences such as Cy Tombly to create new dynamism.  Working as I do with a lot of black and white as I often do I am able to enrich the mix with textural differential.

I am illustrating this article with snaps I have taken at home and around. Do get in touch with me or textures @tibor.co.uk for further information.