Art Collectors’ House

Recommended by Redbook Agency to art-collectors downsizing their London home, David was asked to design the interiors for their new London house. The clients’ brief was to show-case their burgeoning, mainly British, art collection, as well as to explore furnishing ideas, working alongside award-winning Seth Stein Architects.

Together with the clients, David explored outlets in Paris, Milan, and Marrakech to create a balance of furniture, carpets, and textiles. The design journey led to the discovery of furniture designers such as Khaled el Mays, Soufiane Zarib carpets as well as Parisian antiquaries as well as the designer’s favourite suppliers.

David himself designed some of the key pieces including the thirteen-metre-long rosewood cabinet and a sleek organic white lacquer dining table contrasted with a set of fifties Italian dining chairs.

The client was involved in all aspects of the project, paying attention to details both large and small. Fifteen different whites were tested until the right white was agreed and rug colour-samples were somehow imported from India at the height of the Covid pandemic.

I am particularly proud of this project and the strong relationships it has fostered, and to cap it all the interiors were  published in The World of Interiors in October ’22!





The Entrance Hall
Entrance Staircase
The Kitchen The dining room showing the MDF Italia 4m table The Dining Room B&B Italia Orange sofa adds a splash of colour
The painting Library
The main living room showing Khaled elk Mays sofa beneath a large Howard Hodgkin Living Room The garden dining room with Davod's especially designed table The main bedroom The Main Bedroom The Dressing Room The Dressing Room